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We push the boundaries of what is possible through dedication, creativity and innovation. Many things have changed since our beginnings, and we are happy it has always been for good. The world is reshaping, and we are constantly evolving with it.

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About Us

Wind Group is the embodiment of a dream to bring the best of Asian culture and flavours to Canada. Based in Ontario, Canada since 2011, we are represented by diverse restaurant brands: East Izakaya, Wind Japanese and Thai, Ma Chinese Cuisine, and Kochi Japanese BBQ & Beer, with seven locations operating in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Mississauga. Our mission is to present Asian hospitality and culture to North America through amazing cuisine, philosophy and cultural colours. We aspire to be the bridge that links North American and Asian cultures.


Our Restaurants


Izakaya style Japanese BBQ pub with a menu focused on All-you-can-eat sushi and Japanese BBQ items that can be paired with sake, beer and signature cocktails.
St. Catharines (Est. 2011)
Niagara Falls (Est. 2019)


Refined and modern Asian style restaurant focused on authentic traditional Chinese food, with A la carte and Brunch all-you-can-taste menus, and a wide selection of tea, cocktails, beer, wine, sake and spirits.
123 Geneva Street
St. Catharines (Est. 2016)

Japanese and Thai

Japanese and Thai fusion cuisine restaurant characterized for an eclectic and modern setting, an All-you-can-eat menu and a varied wine, beer and cocktail menu. Locations:
St. Catharines (Est. 2012) Niagara Falls (Est. 2013) Mississauga (Est. 2018) Buffalo (Est. 2023)

Kochi Japanese BBQ
& Beer

8585 Lundy’s Ln, Niagara Falls (Coming soon)

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We are proud and happy to be part of the virtual gastronomical market through alliances with Doordash, Skip the Dishes and UberEats, as an additional purchasing channel beside our Online Order system and our Wind Group app.

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East Izakaya St. Catharines (Est. 2011)
East Izakaya Niagara Falls (Est. 2019)
Ma Chinese Cuisine (Est. 2016)
Wind Japanese and Thai St. Catharines (Est. 2012)
Wind Japanese and Thai Niagara Falls (Est. 2013)
Wind Japanese and Thai Mississauga (Est. 2018)

In our search for excellence we rely on our patrons to learn what is good, what is enjoyed and what is a definite no-no. We Care is the bridge that brings us closer to our guests, allowing us to help them in those times when things don't work how they are supposed to work.

Our customer care service is focused on guest satisfaction and data recollection for retraining and improvement of internal processes. Simply by contacting us at, we will be there to help you get the best experience with us.

Launched in both the App Store and Google Play as a free download for mobile phones, the platform allows our members to create a Loyalty Membership account using their cellphone number, keeping track of any purchases made in our stores, and adding points automatically into their profiles.
Among the app features you can update your profile anytime, order online in any of our stores, buy with contactless payment, collect points automatically with every order, reload your account balance, view your transaction history record, link your physical VIP card to transfer the points to the app, scan a QR code to redeem points in-store, and redeem gift cards from your account.

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